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Pregnancy Updates

4 weeks

April 8th, 2016, the day our hopes, prayers, and wishes came true. We're PREGNANT! 


For the past few weeks we'd been on a misson to find our next home, and we found it just a week prior to learning that we were expecting! Could the stars be more aligned? Ha. Well, I bow to any woman who can pack-up and move during the early stages of pregnancy. But it was during this stuggled that I was reminded how blessed I am to have such a supportive partner in life. We survived selling and buying a home, and everyone is healthy, happy, and tired.

5 weeks

First sonogram! Baby is growing and we saw the heartbeat (100bpm)! I cried.

8 weeks

Heard the heartbeat on the doppler for the very first time!! EEkk! Beating at a fast 166bpm our little gummybear is perfect! Mommy on the other hand has been struggling with nausea and acne since week 6. Craving strawberries, grapes, cheese, and ice cold water.

13 weeks

Today was our 1st trimester screen. Baby is measuring on point and looking great! It didn't seem to want to be bothered when the doctor was attempting to get it to turn around. It would flale it's arms in a "leave me alone" manner. Must be just like me, because I too hate being woken from nap! Heart beats healthy and fast at 166bpm. Nausea has subsided a little, newest craving is peaches!

18 weeks

Three years making the same birthday wish, and my dreams of becoming a mother and a family are finally coming true. This year, I stared at the candles on my cake, lost and reminded that I get a new wish this year :-)


When I opened my birthday gift from Todd, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart with happiness and love. It reminds me of how far we've come to achieve our dream of becoming parents. Such a thoughtful gift!

Together, our family is home

19 weeks

We had our 2nd trimester scan today, and we've decided to let our baby's gender be a surprise. Our little gummybear is becoming a real boy (or girl), measuring about two days ahead of schedule. Heartbeat is 135bpm today! Getting my appetite back, but craving mostly fruit-like sweets.


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