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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I'd first like to say that I LOVE when clients pick a theme that has me really dig deep in my creativity cap. Today's cake smash has a colorful and girly twist to the traditional "boy's only" space theme. So when I asked Mom who picked the theme, she said, "Dad". No connection to the theme really, but who wouldn't want to create an environment and memory to help inspire their daughter to reach for the stars?!

The set was specially designed for this little lady. The backdrop was hand drawn with a feminine color palette in mind. Moon rocks, also designed by hand, as well as the coordinating cake topper. And her outfit... well let's just say I don't leave a single detail undetermined! Of course I collaborate all my ideas with each client. I have way to many ideas, and their taste and preference are key to making these sessions a huge success! Well, it helps if the birthday girl/boy likes the cake too. Speaking of cake, my talent stops at non-edible crafts, so we had help with this one. Our local baker created this awesome Earth cake; another fabulous detail that helped complete this set!

Here are just a few images from this extra space-cial birthday smash!

Backdrop: Hand designed by Berks Nest Photography

Cake: Sweet from Scratch Bakery

Outfit: Amazon.com

Cake smash sessions are a great way to celebrate your little one's birthday.

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